Additional 2 year Warranty

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Additional 2 year Warranty

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2 Years Extended Warranty for Acer Laptops

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Additional 2 year Warranty

2 Years Additional Warranty for Laptops Costing below Rs. 50,000

Carry-in: This service provides high-quality assistance in Acer’s Repair Centres.

On Site : This service provides high-quality assistance  as per Acer designated locations

Protect your investment: priority repair service, high-quality assistance, free of charge shipment,

Acer Advantage Program Features
– Priority repair service for your Acer Product
– Access to phone, fax and on-line technical support for the entire duration of the Program without any further charge than the telephone costs
– 2 years Carry-in: this service provides high-quality assistance in Acer’s Repair Centres and includes free of charge shipment to and from our laboratories or onsite as per Acer designated locations)

Acer Advantage Program Activation
After purchasing your Acer Advantage Warranty Extension, you will receive an email with complete instructions.


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